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Dr. Tao Xie received an NSF CAREER award

Dr. Tao Xie – Xiao Qin’s former doctoral student – received an NSF CAREER award to to incorporate flash solid state disks (SSDs) into enterprise-class storage systems.

Tao Xie received the Ph.D. in Computer Science from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in May 2006. His Ph.D. advisor was Dr. Xiao Qin who is an Associate Professor at Auburn University .

Xie’s CAREER award aims to integrate NAND flash memory based solid state disks into enterprise-class storage systems. Xie’s research group is developing an architectural support for flash SSD in order to fundamentally boost its performance and longevity by a software/hardware combined effort. In this project, Xie will develop a novel flash disk storage architecture that exploits the addition of RAM and dedicated software schemes to incorporate flash SSDs into enterprise-class storage systems. Xie plans to implement a flash disk array prototype and deploy it in real-world data-intensive application. In addition, new software techniques such as a double-buffer write ordering management scheme and an inter-disk wear-leveling technique will be developed. This project will contribute to energy conservation, performance enhancement, data management, and reliability technology for enterprise-class storage systems by developing the flash disk array storage architecture, accompanied by an array of new software schemes. This project will also promote teaching, learning, and training by exposing both undergraduate and underrepresented students to technological and scientific underpinnings in the field of server-class storage systems.

As part of his CAREER award, Xie will establish a storage systems laboratory in support of the design of next-generation disk storage systems. In addition, he will develop two cross-listed undergraduate/graduate courses on the subjects of energy-aware computing and storage systems.

To learn more about this NSF CAREER project or other current projects in Xie's research group, visit his web page at http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/~taoxie/research.html.