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John D. Cressler

Extreme Environment Electronics Handbook


Nicola Femia, Giovanni Petrone, Giovanni Spagnuolo, Massimo Vitelli

Maximum power production from photovoltaic fields: power electronics and control techniques


Witold Pedrycz

Analysis and Design of Intelligent Systems: A Framework of Granular Computing


Milos Manic

Data Mining:  Theory and Practice
Zbigniew Krzeminski
Multiscalar Model Based Sensorless Control Systems for AC Machines

Fang Lin Luo, Hong Ye

Advanced Conversion Technologies


Juan J. Rodriguez-Andina, Eduardo de la Torre

Field Programmable Gate Arrays – Fundamentals, Advanced Features, and Applications in Industrial Electronics


Vehbi Cagri Gungor, Carlo Cecati, Gerhard P. Hancke, Concettina Buccella

Smart Grid Communications and Technologies: Applications, Architectures, Protocols, and Standards


Vehbi Cagri Gungor, Gerhard Hancke

Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks: Applications, Protocols, Standards, and Products


Sergio A. González, Santiago A. Verne & María I. Valla

Multilevel Converters in Industrial Applications


Andrzej Obuchowicz

Stable Mutations for Evolutionary Algorithms


Janusz Korniak, Paweł Różycki
Next-Generation optical networks for high quality services in Industry

Francisco J. Azcondo

Power supplies


Kim F Man

Multiobjective Optimization Methods 


Mohamed Wissem Nahouar, Eric Monmasson,  Marcian Cirisea, Lahoucine Idkhajine

FPGA-based controllers for power electronics and drive applications


Grzegorz Iwanski

Power electronics conversion in distributed generation systems


Emil Levi, Martin Jones, Drazen Dujic
Modelling and Control of Multiphase Electric Drives


Armando Walter Colombo

Service-Oriented Architecture Approach in Industrial Automation: A System-of-Systems Perspective


Josep M. Guerrero, Juan C. Vasquez, Mehdi Savaghebi
Microgrids: Modeling, Control and Power Quality 
Ron Hui
Wireless Power Transfer - Historical Developments and Modern Applications
Seta Bogosyan 
Dynamics of Electrical Machines


Mario Lazzari, Aldo Boglietti, Andrea Cavagnino

Induction Motor: theory, design and applications


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