Data Management in Mobile Environments




The Data Management in Mobile Environments Project is sponsored by Auburn University aimed at supplying state-of-the-art solutions for mobile computing systems. The main goal of this research is to design a system with high scalability, short response time, and strong user privacy protection.


People Involved


Wei-Shinn Ku

Kazuya Sakai


Recent Publications


·       Wei-Shinn Ku and Roger Zimmermann, “Nearest Neighbor Queries with Peer-to-Peer Data Sharing in Mobile Environments”, Pervasive and Mobile Computing, in press, Elsevier, 2008.

·       Wei-Shinn Ku, Roger Zimmermann, and Haixun Wang, “Location-based Spatial Query Processing in Wireless Broadcast Environments,” IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC),  Vol. 7, No. 6, pp. 778-791, 2008.

·       Kazuya Sakai, Min-Te Sun, Wei-Shinn Ku, and Hiromi Okada, “Maintaining CDS in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks,” In Proceedings of the International Conference on Wireless Algorithms, Systems and Applications (WASA), Dallas, TX, USA, 2008.