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Sensor Fusion Laboratory

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Auburn University

Research Vision:

We seek to understand how information from multiple sensor types can be combined to form a more accurate world view than is available from any one sensor type alone. We draw our inspiration from biological systems which routinely perform sensor fusion with visual, acoustic, olfactory, tactile, and gustatory information.

Laboratory Personnel:

Director: Dr. Thad  Roppel
Current Graduate Students:
Ramakrishnan Narendran (PhD), Ratha An (MS), Adam Ray (MS), Arun Raghunathan (MS)
Former Graduate Students: Ting-To Lo (PhD 2002), Fraidun Akhi (MS 2003), Aroldo Couto (MS 2002)

Overview of the lab (ppt presentation)

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The Sensor Fusion Laboratory is located in Room 368, Broun Hall.

Contact Information:
Dr. Thaddeus Roppel home page email
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.
200 Broun Hall
Auburn University, AL 36849-5201 USA
Tel. (334) 844-1814 Fax (334) 844-1809