The VLSI Design & Test Seminar Series

seeks to provide an open forum for various faculty, graduate and undergraduate students with research and development efforts in the area of design and test of VLSI systems, including application specific and programmable circuits in digital, analog, and mixed-signal microsystems. The goal is to promote further learning, discussion, and teamwork along with the conception and development of exciting new ideas.

The seminar series counts as a 1-credit course ELEC7950 (which may be repeated for up to 3 credits).


This seminar series sponsored by:

the Testing Group at Auburn:

Vishwani Agrawal - Design for Testability (DFT) and low-power design

Foster Dai - mixed-signal and analog design and testing

Vic Nelson - ASIC/FPGA testing and fault tolerance

Adit Singh - digital and mixed-signal VLSI design and Design for Testability (DFT)

Chuck Stroud - digital and mixed-signal Built-In Self-Test (BIST)


Spring 2012 schedule:

When: Wednesdays from 4-5:30pm

Where: Broun Hall room 235

Coordinator: Chuck Stroud

Invitation: If you are interested in presenting a seminar or defending your thesis/dissertation, please contact the coordinator.

Notes: The following is a tentative schedule (speakers/topics in blue text are not confirmed at this point).  A link under Speaker is to an abstract of the presentation and a link under Topic is to a PDF file of the presentation slides.



Topic (w/ link to presentation slides after seminar date)

Jan 11

No Seminar

First Week of Classes

Jan 18

Chuck Stroud

Architecture Independent Testing

Jan 25

Vishwani Agrawal

A History of the VLSI Design Conference (Keynote Address from 2012 conference in Hyderabad, India)

Feb 1

Farhana Rashid

Controlled Transition Density Based Power Constrained Scan-BIST with Reduced Test Time (MS Defense)

Feb 8

Chuck Stroud

Architecture Independent Testing (The Sequel)

Feb 15

Adit Singh

Current and Future Challenges in VLSI Testing

Feb 22

Chuck Stroud

Architecture Independent Testing (The Prequel)

Feb 29

Vic Nelson

System On Chip for Embedded Systems Application

Mar 7

Xi Li

Survey of Wireless Network-on-Chip Systems (MEE Defense)

Mar 8

Suraj Sindia

All-Digital Replica Techniques for Managing Random Mismatch in Time-to-Digital Converters (SSST’12 presentation) B203 Irwin Conf Room at 4pm

Mar 14

No Seminar

Spring Break

Mar 21

Yu Zhang

Diagnostic Test Pattern Generation and Fault Simulation for Stuck-At and Transition Faults (PhD Defense)

Mar 22

Suraj Sindia

High Sensitivity Test Signatures for Unconventional Analog Circuit Test Paradigms (PhD General Exam) B203 Irwin Conf Room at 4pm

Mar 28

Zach Hubbard

Stretch Processing Radar RFIC System Analysis and Front-End Design (MS Defense)

Apr 4

Colin Stevens

Micromachined Snap-In Resonators (International Conf. on Device Packaging presentation)

Apr 11

Zhao Feng

Advanced Design Techniques for Phase-Locked Loop and its Building Blocks (PhD General Exam)

Apr 18

Xi Qian

Detection of Gate-Oxide Defects with Timing Tests at Reduced Power Supply (VTS’12 presentation)

Apr 25

No Seminar

Last Day of Classes


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