Basic Training for the Christian Mind:
Some Resources

WORLD Magazine
Reading WORLD over an extended period is one of the best ways one can develop a Christian Mind. WORLD is a general news weekly like TIME or Newsweek, but from a Christian perspective.

Synopsis of Improvement of the Mind by Isaac Watts.
Just reading the synopsis will open your eyes to all sorts of opportunities for learning!

Evaluating the Arguments of Experts FAQ 1.0 by N.E. Barry Hofstetter.
This is a nice overview of how to wade through arguments among experts. It gives a good summary of typical logical fallacies.

"How to Deal with Those Who Differ from Us" by Roger Nicole.
A person with a maturing Christian mind will find himself developing strong convictions in many areas of life. When this happens it is important to recognize that being argumentative and disagreeable is not the same as contending for the faith. This article discusses some important principles for dealing with those with whom we disagree, whether it be other Christians or non-Christians.

"Why are We So Confused?" (Pt. 1)" and (Pt. 2) by Chris Schlect.
A person with a maturing Christian mind will discover a bewildering array of views in the church on almost every topic imaginable, sometimes causing us to despair that we can ever "get it right." This essay addresses the confusion and attempts to set it in a proper context.

Credenda Agenda
A magazine that explores all areas of life from a biblical, classical Protestant perspective. The tone can be a bit arrogant and the authors often sweep with broad strokes, but it can also be a very entertaining read. Also, the authors lean not so subtly toward a theonomic perspective. However, reading this magazine will stimulate you to think through the implications of a Christian world view in all kinds of areas that challenge prevailing cultural assumptions.

Probe Ministries
The mission of Probe Ministries is to present balanced, biblically-based perspectives on a multitude of issues while training Christian students and adults to develop a Christian world view. The have a very nice web site with lots of articles on various aspects of a Christian worldview. They have also published a number of good books that explore various issues from a Christian perspective.

Summit Ministries
Summit Ministries equips tomorrow's servant leaders to analyze competing worldviews and champion the Christian faith, inspiring each one to love God with his heart, soul, mind and strength.

Center for the Advancement of Paleo Orthodoxy
This web site is a distinctively biblical and historic consortium of networked think tanks, publications, and scholars. The purpose of the Center is to shed ancient biblical light on modern issues. They have institutes that focus on politics, theology, apologetics, ethics, economics, history, and science.

Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics
This site offers articles, historic documents, and discussion on Reformed theology as well as on related worldview issues such as education, ethics, apologetics, and various social issues.