Lab Make-Up Procedure

If you miss a lab or have already missed a lab or need to miss a lab:
  1. Contact Dr. Reeves immediately. If there is another lab section meeting after yours, it may be possible to make up the lab easily by attending another section.
  2. Submit to Dr. Reeves in writing a short explanation of why you missed the lab. Include your section number and the date of the lab that you missed. You can submit this by email to
  3. Dr. Reeves will consider your reasons and respond to you by email with his decision. Labs may in some cases be made up by completing a reading or individual lab assignment and submitting a memo. Check your email frequently after you submit your request. You may be required to meet with another lab section right away.
  4. Dr. Reeves reserves the right to assign you no credit for the lab if your excuse does not conform to a legitimate university excuse as described in the Tiger Cub under Academic Regulations.
  5. In general, you have 48 hours to submit a lab make-up request to Dr. Reeves after the lab meeting time of the lab you missed; after this, all make-up requests will be refused unless there are compelling circumstances requiring a delay in the request.
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