Lab Policies and Reports

  1. Be on time and participate in the online lab.
    1. Labs are worth 10 points each—3 points for participation and 7 points for the memo.
    2. Late arrivals will lose participation points: 1 point for 5 minutes late, 2 for 15 minutes late, and 3 for 30 or more minutes late.
  2. Turn in memos on time.
    1. Lab memos must be written in a word processor and saved to PDF to be turned in. (You can download the PDFCreator printer here. Uncheck the toolbar option on installation to avoid the ad-ware.)
    2. Late submissions will not be accepted.
    3. The memo should begin with the following format:

      Subject: Your last name, first name — Lab # (e.g., Doe, John — Lab 1)

      To: Dr. Reeves

    4. Answer all questions listed in the homework section of each lab assignment.
      1. Do not label or bullet the answers with numbers or letters like 1, 2, 3 or a, b, c.
      2. Answer each numbered question or questions in one paragraph separate from the other answers.
      3. Your answer to each question should be stated so that it stands alone and makes sense without referring to the lab instructions.
      4. Figures, diagrams, tables, and code should be included in the memo, not submitted as separate pages.
      5. Partial credit will be given.
    5. Submit your homework in the appropriate assignment in Canvas.
    6. If multiple files must be submitted, you can upload them together.