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ELEC 6430
Digital Image Processing

Instructor: Stanley J. Reeves

Core course information:

  • Canvas Course Web Site
  • Syllabus
  • Brief Review Lecture on Signals & Systems
  • Class Project Ideas
  • A Theology/Philosophy of Image Processing
  • MATLAB for DSP
  • MATLAB for Image Processing
  • MATLAB Tutorial Videos (Dr. Reeves)
  • Getting Started with MATLAB
  • MATLAB Primer (PDF)
  • MATLAB Documentation
  • Course Supplements:

    1. The Human Eye as a Camera -- an analysis of the capabilities of the eye in terms of camera specifications
    2. MATLAB Blog: Steve On Image Processing -- a variety of insights and tips for image processing, especially in MATLAB
    3. sci.image.processing Usenet newsgroup
    4. That Virtual Yellow First-Down Line on Football Broadcasts
    5. Review Materials, Selected Homework Solutions, and Projects from Textbook

    Computer Assignments:

    Interesting image processing feeds