ECE Senior Design Fair - Spring 2013

Friday, April 26, 2013

2 – 4 p.m.

Broun Hall First Floor Lobby


PROGRAM – Total of 8 Projects




Projects supervised by Professor Victor Nelson (5)




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Broun Hall Door Security System


A wireless based infrastructure system to control door access through two layers of security



Ryan Laube, Steven Morris, Andrew Slaughter, Daniel Burford



Kinect-Controlled Robotic Arm


A robotic arm which is controlled by a user's arm, using Microsoft's Xbox Kinect motion-tracking technology. The main feature is that the arm is able to be operated with zero equipment.





Michael Boroden, Alex Carter, Clint Cook, Stephen Rhodes


Smart Cart


The system will combine the steps of shopping and checking out by utilizing RFID  tags on the products and scanning them as they are placed in the cart.  A running total will be kept on the cart with the customers able to pay with a card on the cart.




Anita Von Arb, Austin Amerson, Percy Burnett, Reid Holderfield


Home Security Lighting System


Our project is a lighting system that uses an Arduino, LCD screen, keypad, and relay bank to be able to turn the lights on and off in a house via programmable set times with the keypad and LCD screen. This system runs in parallel with one's regular house wiring and does not affect the current lighting system in the house.




Jonathan Bowen, Cody Cline, Spencer Ferguson, James Fleming


Anti-lock braking system for the Formula SAE car


We have designed and tested an anti-lock braking system which will be used to help Auburn’s team to be more competitive in the Formula SAE braking competition. We repurposed an ABS valve block from a Mazda Miata, wheel speed sensors, and multiple Arduino microcontrollers to achieve a functional system to prevent wheel lockup during emergency braking situations. 


(Auburn Formula SAE)



Tyler Boyd, Chris Davis, Brian Keyser, Brian Ponder




Projects supervised by Professor Lloyd Riggs (2)







Autonomous Nautical Radiation Assessment Vessel (ANRAV)


Data collection tool to automatically collect radiation and environmental data from a large body of water. 





Markus Kreitzer, Kyle Owen, Katherine Hamlin, Daniel Norton, James Hogg, James Core, Sarah Preston, Antwan Evans



Magnetic object detection and GPS data logging via an autonomous quadcopter


Autonomous quadcopter that is able to scan a field and detect magnetic objects on the ground and then mark the location with stored GPS coordinates and a dropped marker.





Marquise Clark, Ryan Clark, Kyle Emfinger, Gabriel Porter, Bo Rhinesmith, Symone Stubbs




Project supervised by Professor Chwan-Hwa Wu







Cloud-Based Mobile Information Security System


Protect information for cloud-based mobile applications against password cracking, one-time passwords and tokens interception, zero-day attacks, lost devices and so on. The developed

software will encrypt, split, and hide a user's sensitive data on multiple devices including Windows PCs, Android Smart-phones, and Android Tablets.




Gregg Andrews,

Emmanuel Belt,

John Cartee,

Justin Elrod,

Will Hodges,

David Latham,

Thomas Little