Ray W. Hiltbrand

Email: rayh at speakeasy . org

6130 Boathouse Terrace
Cumming, GA 30040
home: (678) 513-6771

        Senior Manager Systems Engineering -  E*TRADE Financial, Inc., Alpharetta, GA.
        Jan 2005 until Present
        Manager Systems Engineering -  E*TRADE Financial, Inc., Alpharetta, GA.
        Apr 2002 until Jan 2005
        Senior Systems Engineer -  E*TRADE Group, Inc., Alpharetta, GA.
        May 2000 until Apr 2002
        Systems Engineer -  Per-Se Technologies formally Medaphis Corporation, Atlanta, GA.
        July 1997 until May 2000
        Duties:        Member of a team that centrally manages TCP/IP based Solaris
                   workstations and Solaris servers supporting business infrastructure,
                   mission critical revenue generation, development and support operations.
                   There are 60 plus servers supporting over 4000 active users in more 
                   than 15 major locations across the United States. As of December 1999 took
                   additional responibilities as manager of 2 other system engineers 
                   along with 6 system administrators.
                           Develop mechanism for clients to transmit data securely
                            across the Internet in an automated fashion.
                           Implement centralized backup server using Legato Networker.
                           Design/Benchmark/Implement solution for server consolidation 
                            using Sun Enterprise 4500s and Clariion 5000 storage subsystems.
                           Design/Implement Web caching server to reduce web and ftp traffic.
                           Developing a consolidated print server for production revenue system.
                           Developing centralize mechanism to manage users across multiple
                            sub-domains using NIS.
                           Operating system and hardware support for Sun Enterprise 5000/3000
                            Oracle servers.
                           Operating system, hardware, and minimal application support for 
                            Enterprise 4500 and SPARC Server 20 revenue generation systems.
                           General user support including account and printer management, 
                            UNIX workstations, terminals, termservers, and minimal application
                            support for a handful of applications.
                           Infrastructure support including DNS servers, Internet mail gateway,
                            news server, ntp services, and firewalls.
        System Administrator -  Auburn University, College of Engineering
        Computing and Network Service, Auburn, AL.
        August 1993 until July 1997
        Duties:        Manage an 800 node, centrally managed, TCP/IP based,
                  heterogeneous network of personal computers, UNIX workstations,
                  and UNIX servers supporting engineering instruction, extension,
                  research and administrative operations.  This network services
                  over 3000 active users in 35 subnetworks across 13 buildings,
                  providing access to more than 120 major applications. 
                  Primary duties include: 
                           manage and maintain Solaris 2.x Servers,
                           manage and maintain SPARCstorage Arrays
                            using Volume Manager,
                           manage and maintain disk space for applications,
                           monitor server and network performance,
                           performing hardware and software installs, 
                           manage and maintain NIS and NIS+ services, 
                           manage and maintain college Web services, 
                           maintain user accounts,
                           evaluate PC integration solutions.
                  Secondary duties include: 
                           develop training sessions for users and administrators,
                           backup for postmaster duties,
                           monitor network security, 
                           PC network installations.
        Student Worker -  Auburn University, College of Engineering
        Computing and Network Service, Auburn, AL.
        June 1992 until August 1993
        Duties:   Provide help desk support for students using network,
                  provide application support,
                  Solve system administration assignments,
                  Handle simple system administration tasks.
        Student Worker -  Auburn University, Division of University Computing, Auburn, AL.
        January 1991 until June 1992
        Duties:   Provide documentation support for Administrative computing,
                  PC support: installing software, hardware, and network,
                  PC application support,     
                  migrating documentation from hardcopy to electronic form.   

Education            Auburn University, Auburn, AL.
                             Bachelors in Computer Engineering, August 1993

Operating Systems Linux, Solaris 2.x, SunOS 4.1.x, OpenBSD,  Windows(3.1,95,NT)

Networking         TCP/IP, NFS, NIS+, NIS, DNS, WWW, FTP, SMTP, DHCP,
                            PC-NFS, NTP, SNMP, IPF, IPNAT, IPSEC, SMB, SSH

Languages          Perl, Shell, Tcl/Tk, SE, JAVA, C, C++

Publication        Maintain NIS+ FAQ 
                   "One Man's Reflections on Being a Software Guinea Pig"
                   Contributions to "A Practical Guide to Solaris" by Mark Sobell
                   Contributions to "Solaris Solutions for System Administrators;
                              Time-Saving Tips, Techniques, and Workarounds" 
                              by Sandra Henry-Stocker, Evan R. Marks
                   Consensus Security Awareness Project, Policy -- COMPANY, YOU AND INFORMATION PROTECTION  

Other              Adminitering Solaris workstation/servers since Solaris 2.0
                   Solaris beta team since Solaris 2.4 thru Solaris 9
                   2004 USENIX/SAGE LISA Conference referred paper external reviewer.
                   2005 USENIX/SAGE LISA Conference referred paper external reviewer.

Organizations      USENIX Member
                   System Administrators Guild Member,
                   Boy Scouts of America, Eagle Scout