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About this Tutorial

This tutorial has been re-written to accommodate applets as well as applications. The previous tutorial focused on the latter and ignored the former due to the author's original disgust at such 'toys', but have now seen the light and decided applets can be extremely useful for educational purposes(among other things).

Please read the "Introduction to the AWT" before reading this tutorial. This tutorial assumes some knowledge of the AWT already, not to mention Java!(This version of the Tutorial assumes even less). Also it is a good idea to get your hands on the JDK(Java Developers Kits) and printed documentation of the AWT classes.

Picking up a book on Java is also a good idea, unfortunately I can't recommend any on the shelves at the moment. I know of many coming out real soon now ,but I haven't reviewed any yet. "Hooked on Java" is for applet users, not necessarily Java programmers.

Go here to start learning the "how-tos" of Java

These HTML documents are Java Enhanced

Here are the tar/gzipped files I promised. I'm also looking for someone to put these on a FTP site so those without graphical browsers(or WWW access) can get them.

AppletGen v0.8(alpha). Generates a skeleton applet for you. Not yet newbie friendly. Version 0.8 is usable, but 0.9 will be your 'beta' before I release the source code.

Copyrights and Trademarks

This document is copyrighted 1995 by Nelson Yu. Free redistribution will be allowed as long as the document is not modified and the copyright message here remains. Portions of this document are straight from Sun Microsystems, thus are copyrighted by them.

Portions are from Sun Microsystem's tutorials on Java

HotJava(tm), Java(tm) and Duke are the sole Trademarks of Sun Microsystems

With a little help from my friends

I did not write this tutorial alone. I had help from the following people, who either supplied code or helped in debugging code.

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