The End

This is it. No more. It is also my last tutorial on this subject, but you can expect me to update this once in a while.

Topics not discussed

And most importantly the Java language. In fact you should probably print the beast, the language spec, and read it right through. No part of the Java language was to be undefined, therefore the specification pretty much covers all the technical details of the language. Ok, so it's not K&R nor Stroustrup(good!) and lacks the examples the above have.


Tools for Java and the AWT.

Oh BTW I'm not writing a book.

Related issues

JavaScript, the new language being promoted by a slew of companies and that once was called LiveScript will take over some task Java applets are being used for. But Java will always have its place as the multi-threaded, OO, dynamic language of choice. :-)

My JavaScript Test page

Stuff Java/AWT/Applets are unsuited for

This is where JavaScript and Netscape plug-ins can possibly fill the void. JavaScript is changing rapidly, faster than Java. Last time I wrote something for JavaScript, the next week Netscape added a whole bunch of features. Go to the Netscape Home Page

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Nelson Yu
Last modified: Jan 2 1996