Fundamentals of the AWT

The Abstract Window Toolkit can be used by Java applications and applets. But I recommend that:


But.. we will start with applications first of all, because of fewer restriction. Although I will try not to provide information too specific to stand-alone applications. The first few sections are not particularly useful for applet writers, but later sections rely on concepts learnt early on.

Structure of the AWT

The current release of the AWT has this type of of structure:

Since the JDK beta 2 has been released. Applets and Application tend to have similar functionality. Yet there are times when an applet can not be a stand-alone app.

[More to be written...]

Steps for stand-alone applications using the AWT:

Since this is an AWT Tutorial we will focus on the interface part first and come back to show how to integrate threading and networking into your applications(or applets).
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Nelson Yu
Last modified: Jan 2 1996