The Perpetually Unfinished guides to Java(tm)

Copyright 1995 by Nelson Yu.

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About these Guides

It seems everything on the 'Net is either in some alpha or beta of some sort. Why can't documentation be the same :-)

Anyhow, this page might as well be called almost-but-not-quite-yet-done guides to Java. They're out of alpha, clear of pre-beta, but in beta range now. All that I plan to add is a Quiz. Just when you thought you'd escaped, test come back to haunt you.

Drop me a line at if you have any ideas or liked to help.

You should download the new Beta JDK for Win95, WinNT or Solaris 2.x for the following to be of any use to you. I think there are versions for IRIX, SunOS, AIX, Linux and Solaris x86. Links will be provided later when I get more information on these ports.

Here are the tar/gzipped files I promised. I'm also looking for someone to put these on a FTP site so those without graphical browsers(or WWW access) can get them.

FTP Sites(needs to be fixed)

Copyrights and Trademarks

This document is copyrighted 1995 by Nelson Yu. I will allow free distribution in any medium whatsoever, as long as the copyright message at the top remains on the document and it is not modified. Parts of the tutorial are straight from Sun's documentation and therefore parts are copyrighted by Sun Microsystems.

Portions are from Sun Microsystem's tutorials on Java

HotJava(tm), Java(tm) And Duke are the sole Trademarks of Sun Microsystems

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If these guides aren't enough to satisfy your fancy for Java then the following might do
Other sources of Java Information

Lets begin the unfinished ride

  • Introduction to the AWT A short introduction to the AWT. Kept to a bare-minimum and many parts from the old tutorial. (85% finished)
  • AWT Tutorial - New and updated. (Still going through changes). Read the above first before gettting into this one. Otherwise the structure of tutorial is mostly done, but more applets need to be added/debugged.

  • JavaScript Test Page Not related to Java per se, but JavaScript should be used in areas such as HTML forms, where Java is not suitably mature enough to handle(or can't because of security reasons) at the moment.

  • AppletGen generates a skeleton applet for you(Win3.1 app). Warning! This is an 'alpha' application. Newbies to Java may get frustrated with it.

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