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 1 unit of credit

Instructor: Prathima Agrawal


Research Assistant: Pratap Simha Prasad


Class Schedule: Fridays 3PM

Classroom: 235 Broun Hall

Objective of this seminar series is to provide an open forum for faculty (ECE and CSSE), undergraduate and graduate students to become familiar with research in wireless communications and networking areas. Some of the topics covered in these seminars are:  a variety of wireless networks including cellular, local area, personal area networks, all-IP wireless networks, sensor and mobile ad hoc networks, vehicle-to-vehicle, and wireless mesh networks. Other attributes of networking such as mobility, security, cross-layer design, quality of service, protocol designs, etc. may be covered in these seminars.

The seminar series counts as a 1-credit course ELEC 7950.

The schedule for the seminars will be posted on the WEREC website.

Invitation: If you are interested in presenting a seminar during Fall 2006, please contact Agrawal or Pratap.

Seminar schedule:




08-18-2006 Getting your bearings right: secure localization scheme for WLAN Santosh Pandey
08-25-2006 On scheduling in wireless medium access control Dr. Yihan Li
09-01-2006 RAMP: Reconfigurable Architecture and Mobility Management for 4G Wireless Networks Prof. Jyh-Cheng Chen
09-08-2006 Video Communications in multihop wireless networks: A cross-layer formulation and its solutions Prof. Shiwen Mao
09-15-2006 Vodafone Distinguished Lecture: Wireless mesh networks: Research  Challenges Prof. Ian Akyildiz

The Global Positioning System and its Use for Control of UGVs

Prof. David M. Bevly
9-29-2006 BARA: A sender based rate adaptation for wireless networks Shaoen Wu
10-6-2006 Channel Estimation Using Superimposed Training Shuangchi He
10-13-2006 GPS-free geographic routing protocol Qing Yang
10-20-2006 Node Placement Algorithms for UWB-based Sensor Networks Shoqiang Dong
10-27-2006 Energy efficient routing in wireless sensor networks Pratap S. Prasad

Wireless Applications for the Blind

A Sense and Response System for Sensor Networks

J. Michael Jones

Kenan Casey

11-10-2006 Autoconfiguration of large data networks Priyanka Sinha
11-17-2006 Improving geographical routing for wireless networks with an efficient path pruning algorithm Prof. Min-Te (Peter) Sun
12-01-2006 Working with NS-2 Raghu-Kishore Neelisetti