Research Group

Post Doctoral Fellows

  1. Donglin Hu  (Presently with AT&T Labs, San Ramon, CA)
  2. Alireza Babaei  (Presently with Cable Labs, Boulder, Colorado)
  3. Yihan Li (Presntly Visiting Assistant Professor, ECE Department, Auburn University)

    Graduated Doctoral Students

    1. Santosh Pandey, Ph.D. Dissertation, Secure Localization and Node Placement Strategies for Wireless Networks, Auburn University, May 2007, (presently with Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA)
    2. Yogesh R. Kondareddy, Ph.D. Dissertation, Protocol Design and Performance Issues in Cognitive Radio Networks, Auburn University, Dec 2010, (presently with Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA)
    3. Pratap S. Prasad, Ph.D. Dissertation, Mobility Modeling, Prediction and Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks, Auburn University, Dec 2010, (presently with Qualcomm, San Jose, CA)
    4. Tong Liu, Ph.D. Dissertation, Intrusion Resilient and Real-Time Forensics, Auburn, University, Dec 2011, (presently with VMWare, Palo Alto, CA)
    5. Santosh B Kulkarni, PhD Dissertation, Incast-free TCP for Data Center Networks, Auburn University,  September 2012, (presently with Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA)
    6. Hui Zhou, PhD Dissertaion, Resource Allocation and Performance Optimization in Wireless Networks  May 2014, (Presently with Amazon, Seattle, WA)
    7. Vijay Sheshadri PhD., Power-Aware System-on-Chip Test Optimization through Frequency and Voltage Scaling, May 2014. (presently with Intel Corporation, Portland, OR),
    8. Gopalakrishnan Iyer, PhD., Reliability, Scalability and Security in Smart Utility Networks,  May 2014, (presently with Denso Corp.,  South Field, MI.)

    Graduated MS Students

    1. Ravi Chandra Paruchuri, M.S. Thesis, Performance Analysis of 802.11b Networks, Auburn University, January 2006 (presently with Cisco, San Jose, CA)
    2. Sowmia Devi Mylapore Krishna Baba, M.S. Thesis, Interface Selection in Multi-interface Mobile Devices, Auburn University, May 2006 (presently with Juniper Networks, Bangalore, India)
    3. Pratap S. Prasad, M.S. Thesis, Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks, Auburn University, December 2006, (presently with Qualcomm, San Jose, CA)
    4. Priyanka Sinha, M.S. Thesis, Auto-configuration in Multi-hop Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Auburn University, March 2007, (presently with  Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Kolkata, India).
    5. Shaoqiang Dong, M.S. Thesis, Node Placement, Routing and Localization Algorithms for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks, Auburn University, January 2008, (presently with Bose, Framingham, MA)  
    6. Yogesh R. Kondareddy, M.S. Thesis, Medium Access Control and Routing Protocols for Multi-hop Cognitive Radio Networks, Auburn University, April 2008, (presently with Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA)
    7. Srivatsan Soundararajan, M.S. Thesis, Scheduling in WiMAX Based Wireless Networks, Auburn University, September 2008, (presently with Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, CA)
    8. Santosh B. Kulkarni, M.S. Thesis, Synergy MAC: A Cooperative MAC Protocol, Auburn University, February 2009, (presently with Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA)
    9. Harish Kongara, M.S. Thesis, Performance Optimization of Wireless Mesh Networks, Auburn University, March 2009, (presently with AT&T, Los Angeles, CA)
    10. Nirmal Andrews, M.S. Thesis, Resource sharing in a WiFI-MIMAX Integrated Network, Auburn University, December 2009, (presently with  law firm, King & Spalding LLP, Atlanta, GA)
    11. Indraneil M. Gokhale, M.E.E. Non-Thesis, Auburn University, August 2011, (presently with Intel Corporation, Chandler, AZ)
    12. Gopalakrishnan B. Iyer, M.S. Thesis, Wireless Mesh Routing in Smart Utility Networks ,  (presently with Denso Corp., South Field, MI)
    13. Min Zhang, M.S. Thesis, SCL: A Cross-Layer Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks, Auburn University, December 2011 (presently with Netapp,  Sunnyvale, CA)
    14. Suryakant R. Bhandare, M. S.  Thesis,  Performance Analysis of Collision Avoidance Schemes in Ad Hoc Networks, Auburn University, May 2012 (presently with Gainspan, Santa Clara, CA).
    15. Dongsheng Chen,  M.S. Thesis, RLCH: Reliable Link Lifetime-based Cluster Head Election in MANETs, Auburn University, August, 2012 (presently with Siemens Corp., Atlanta, GA)
    16. Xiang Gao, M.E.E. Project, "A  Weighted Cluster Head Selection Method in Wireless Sensor Networks,"  November 2012.
    17. Xiyang Wang, M.E.E. Project,  "Performance Study of Routing Protocols for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks," May 2013
    18. Saketh Anuma Reddy, Handover Management in Femtocell Networks, May 2014.
    19. Vignesh V. Sivakumar, Relay Positioning for Energy Efficient  and Improved Performance  of Coopertaive Wireless Networks,  My 2014, (presently with Brocade Communications, San Jose, CA).
    20.  Neeharika Upadrasta, Femtocell  Handover and Synchronization, May 2014, MEE Project
    21. Harshit Goyal ,  Characterizing Processors for  Time and Energy Optimization, August 2016

      Graduated Undergraduate Students

      1. Ben Kelley (presently with ADTRAN Inc, Huntsville, AL).

      Past Visiting Scholars

      1. Prof. Jyh-Cheng Chen