Awards and Honors

  1. Best Paper Award, Wireless Networking Symposium,  International Conference on Communications, June 9-13, 2013, Budapest, Hungary, for the paper,  "Algebraic Connectivity of Degree Constrained Spanning Trees  for FSO Networks," authors: Hui Zuo, Alireza Babaei, Shiwen Mao and Prathima Agrawal.
  2. 2013 Best Paper Award, "Capacity Bounds in Random Wireless Networks,"  Journal of  Communications and Networks (JCN), authors: Alireza Babaei, Prathima Agrawal and Bijan Jabbari,.
  3. Distinguished Alumnus Award, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, 2008
  4. ESTC (Executive Science and Technology Council) Publication Prize, for paper in IEEE JSAC, SAIC, 2001
  5. CEO Award, ITSUMO Project, Telcordia Technologies, 2000
  6. IEEE Third Millennium Medal, 2000
  7. MARS Exhibit in Bell Labs Innovations Timeline Display, Murray Hill Lobby and website
  8. Patent Incentive Award, AT&T, September, 1997
  9. Patent Incentive Award, Business Communications Services Business Unit, AT&T October, 1995
  10. Patent Incentive Award, Consumer Communications Services Business Unit, AT&T October, 1995
  11. CAE Product of the Year Award, MARS Accelerator Product, AT&T Design Automation, AT&T Microelectronics Business Unit, October 1994
  12. Spot Award, AT&T Microelectronics Business Unit, December 1994
  13. Honorable Mention, January 1992, for the paper "A New method for generating test; for delay faults in non-scan circuits," 5th International Conference on VLSI Design, India
  14. Distinguished Service Award, June 1990, IEEE Computer Society
  15. Distinguished Speaker Award, 1989, Stanford University
  16. Fellow Award,1989, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers). Citation: "For contributions to computer-aided design and testing of integrated circuits."
  17. Nominated for Best Paper Award, 1988, "CONTEST: A Concurrent Test Generator for Sequential Circuits," Proc. ACM/IEEE Design Automation Conference, Anaheim, CA, (with V. D. Agrawal and K. T. Cheng)
  18. Best Paper Award, 1987, AT&T Bell Laboratories Conference on Electronic Testing "Use of A Concurrent Fault Simulator For Test Vector Generation," (with V. D Agrawal and K. T. Cheng)
  19. Exceptional Contribution Award, 1985 and 1987, AT&T Bell Laboratories
  20. Distinguished Technical Staff Award, AT&T Bell Laboratories, September 1985, Cited for Contributions to Computer-Aided Design and Testing of Microprocessors and Fault-Tolerant Computing
  21. Nominated for Best Paper Award, 1981, "LSI Product Quality and Fault Coverage,'' Proc. 18th ACM/IEEE Design Automation Conference, Nashville, TN, (with V. D. Agrawal and S. C. Seth)
  22. Govt. of India Scholarship, 1965-67
  23. M. C. Ghia Trust Scholarship, 1961-64