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Welcome to Circuit Simulation and Design Using Multisim’s documentation!

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2. Multisim Tutorial Using Bipolar Transistor Circuit

1. Where to use Multisim

1.1. On campus

  1. Broun 308, 310, starting Summer 2011
  2. Engineering computer labs, starting Fall 2011

1.2. On your own PC

You can get the same version we purchased for departmental use installed on your own PC, for a cost of 40$s. We have set up this for Auburn ECE students.

Visit the student purchase site if you wish to do so.

1.3. Using Elvis in Multisim

Search for the latest version of NI ELVISmx in NI web site. Install that even if you do not have ELVIS. This will provide drivers necessary for Multisim to simulate a partial list of the Elvis board’s functionalities.

The link as of June 5 2012 is