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3. Two Terminal MOS

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4. Two Terminal MOS Gate Control

4.1. Notes

  1. surface potential solver and verification 2/7 Download.
  2. Graphical illustration of bisect or interval halving 2/7 Download.
  3. 2-terminal MOS updated 2/7 Download.
  4. 2-T MOS inversion charge updated 2/7 Download.
  5. Capacitances updated 2/7 Download.

4.2. Homeworks (Report Due 2/9 Class Time)

Put your homework solution codes and graphics into a word, latex, or html document. Do this for all homeworks. I’d like you to submit your homeworks to me on Thursday class (2/9). I’ll address issues I see from homework in lectures. I also often talk to you in person or email you back if I see problems. If you do not submit anything, I have no idea how you are doing in class.

  1. (2/7) Run the new programs provided today (always download the latest version). Using the nmos_vg_plotter_demo() function as a template, generate plots for:

    1. doping = 1e16, 1e17, 5e17, all with tox = 2nm
    2. tox = 1nm, 2nm, 10nm, all with doping = 1e17

    Make comparisons and observations on the impact of doping and tox. Are they consistent with what you obtained in the previous homework? Put your figures from last homework and this homework side by side wherever applicable. Make new comments using the new figures and equations found in the notes.

    Look for the hdf5 files on disk, explore them using HDFview. Reproduce all figures you see on screen using HDFview. Take screenshots.

    You may use the mos_doping_impact() and mos_list_demo() codes as template for this exercise.

    1. Download and save as
    2. Download and save as
    3. Download and save as

4.2.1. Download Modules

  1. the equisemi module Download.
  2. the myplot module Download.
  3. the conditions module (you do not really need it, but I use it for debugging, this way, I can debug your code if necessary). Download.
  4. the nmos_demo module which you will use as basis for in-class exercise and homework problems Download.

4.3. Sample Plots

4.3.1. doping impact


Figure 1: qs


Figure 2: vg


Figure 3: cb


Figure 4: cg


Figure 5: cs


Figure 6: qinv


Figure 7: qs_noinv


Figure 8: cinv