This page last updated January 05, 2017

Lecture Notes Access

I will provide Onenote Notebook online which is updated live as I write on my computer screen during class. In recent semesters, sometimes the whole class prefers to use Onenote as opposed to PDF. I

Desktop Onenote

Desktop Onenote is recommended and is preferred by past students. While you can use this from your Auburn account online, experience is better if you install Onenote on your desktop computer.

If for some reason, you have not received an invitation from me, stop by my office, give me your Onedrive for Business user email in person, so that I can send out another invitation. This can only be done individually, student by student.

In the invitation email you receive, click the link. When asked, log in with your auburn email account. If you see a web version, look for a link “OPEN IN ONENOTE” in the menu area similar to the screen shot below (it varies slightly depending on operating system and version of Onenote):


Click that to sync the notebook to your local computer. This needs to be done only once. Onenote will remember the notebook.

Class notes will be automatically synced to your computer live. You will see precisely what you see in class on your computer screen.

The phone and tablet versions have limitations and will not display equations correctly.


If necessary, I can convert Onenote notes to PDFs after each lecture and upload it to a shared folder for you to download. In recent semesters, I have not needed to do this as students in the whole class chose to use Onenote instead of PDF. This is in part due to Auburn’s subscription to office 365 program.

I have set up this shared folder with you in case some of you need PDF. If needed, PDF version of the notes will be posted in this shared folder.

These require manual conversion and uploads, so they are not always up to date. I typically update them within a few minutes after each class.

Lab information and experiments

Lab information and writeups are posted here.