Design Architect:

1) How to open-down a symbol?

-Choose the symbol and right click and select open-down. see example

2) When I check the sheets, only warnings exist without errors. May I judge my circuit correct?

-If there are only warnings and no errors, we can consider the circuit is correct. But make sure you read the check repot from the top to the bottom to make sure no errors existing.



1) When I run QuickSim/Pro, it is failed to open QuickSim/Pro and reported some components (and2, buff...) are missing.

-To make sure you have complied the file "adk.v". If you forgot it, you need to compile it. Some related symbol also need to be rebuilt again. 

2)When I run QuickSim/Pro, it is succeed in opening QuickSim/Pro but it also reported e.g. "I$23" is NULL.

-That means the symbol/component e.g.I$23 is not opened. The reason is you set incorrect folder structure. After you use command "vlib work, vmap work work", I suggest you set you folder as follows. a) the top schematic (include several symbols) folder should parallel with the fold "work". b) All symbol/component folders should put under work c) If the symbol is generate from a schematic, this schematic symbol should put in the folder or sub-folder of the folder which saving schematic files.  



1)I use accusim (with command "accusim mydesign/ami05") to simulate a circuit and everything seems ok except that I can't setup forces.

-You use the wrong command. The correct one is "accusim mydesign/accusim". Of course you can run accusim with command "accusim mydesign/ami05", but it will reduce "Reference //dummy_ground" ( the correct one is "Reference //GND") when you setup force .



1)When I open IC-station, I can't find my layout cells.

-IC-station really has some problems on finding the cells saved in father folders or brother folders. To solve it, just come to your saving cell folder and run "ic".

2)When I use IC-station, I can't use the layout name I wanted. Why?

-IC-station will remember every name you used, even if you don't save with that name. So IC-station will prohibit you to create the cell with the name you used. To solve it, close IC-station and reopen IC-station again.

3)I can't modify my old layout. Why?

-It seems that you open your layout in read-only mode. Please reopen it with edit mode.

4)My design (shape, route) is always restricted on the gird. May I place my design (shape, route) anywhere without restriction?

-You can choose appropriate gird setup, but it may result in some unpredictable problems. see example

5)When I finished layout, I can't pass the LVS check. I do all my work automatically. Why?

-If you choose auto-place without specifying the row numbers and then auto-route the circuit, some overflows may be induced during this auto-process. Some small overflows are always ignored by your eyes. So, please check your layout result to make sure no overflow existing.

6)When I finished layout, I can't pass the DRC check.

-please refer how to correct metal1.port problem ,how to correct metal2.port problem and how to correct minimum distance problem.

7)May I choose the pad number arbitrarily?

-You can choose pad number arbitrarily except pad # 6,15,20,26,35,40 which are reserved for GND and VDD. see frame pad sample

8)After I inserted my layout and selected a pad-frame, I can't do auto-layout. Why?

-To make sure your pad-frame schematic is correct. Does there exist pad-name conflict or other schematic errors. After you correct your pad-frame schematic, don't forget update your schematic viewpoint " adk_dve mydesign ami05".

9)I'm tired with manually adding 6*6 via at the conjunction of metal1 layer and metal2 layer. Does there exist any easy method to add these via?

-You can select the existed 6*6 via area by drag you mouse. After that, use "shift + left click mouse" to unselect some parts you don't wanted. Then right click your mouse select "copy". At last, "paste" these 6*6 via to the place you wanted.

10) After I scaled my cell, how can I measure my cell's size before generate GDSII file?

-Use menu "other-measure dist". see example