circuit layout

software: IC-station

input: s1238_delay schematic

output: s1238_delay layout

see file tree


Note that recently Mentor Graphics moves to a new integrated tool set, which is called "da-ic" that combining PCB, IC together.

1)create a cell

-create a folder .../s1238/layout

-create a cell



-save s1238_delay cell


2)LVS check

(Layout Versus Schematic check is to guarantee that the layout matches the schematic, that is, the function of the circuit is not changed after layout. )


3)DRC check

-correct metal1.port problem

-correct metal2.port problem

-correct minimum distance problem



(Note: After circuit layout, you can exact mask lumped parameters and run accusim to check your delay unit again. Please refer to "Insert Delay Unit->check delay unit->verify the delay requirement by accusim after layout" for more details.)