SupportImg Funding

Current Funding

  • Harris Corporation, “Compact Micro Assembly System”, 2015-2018, PI.
  • NOAA SBIR Phase II: Mano NanoTechnologies Incorporated, "GlobalSense System Development", 2016-2018, PI.
  • MDA SBIR Phase III: EngeniusMicro, "High-G MEMS IMU", 2017-2019, PI.
  • NASA, "ASGC Workforce Development Projects With Student Participation Stats", 2015-2018, Co-PI.
  • Army, "kMASS", 2017-2019, PI.
  • Auburn, "Quantum Sensors and Systems Research", 2016-2018, PI.
  • Past Funding

  • NIH-NINDS, "Passive Eye Response As A Surrogate For Brain Response To Head Acceleration", 2015-2017, PI.
  • Army, "CSSA Task 5.5.2: Global Wireless Wide Area Network", 2015-2016, PI.
  • NOAA SBIR Phase I: Mano NanoTechnologies Incorporated, “GlobalSense System Design”, 2015, PI.
  • British Petroleum, “Enhanced Detection of Hydrocarbons through Optical Scattering”, 2011, PI.
  • NSF, “NUE: An Interdisciplinary Modular Approach To Nanodevices And Nanotechnology Objectives Through Engineering via Cyberlearning (AIM AT NANOTEC)”, 2010-2013, Co-PI.
  • NIH-NHGRI “Microfabricated Deposition Tools for Creating NanoArrays”, 2008-2009, PI.