3M Non-Tenured Faculty Grant Award, “3M Project New Environmental Safe Barrier Materials” (2009-2010)


Defense Threat Reduction Agency-Broad Agency Announcement (Phase 2) HDTRA1-08-10-BRCWMD "Processing and Dynamic Failure Characterization of Novel Impact Absorbing Transparent Interpenetrating Polymer Networks (t-IPN)".

NSF MRI: Acquisition of a State-of-the-Art X-ray Diffractometer for Research and  Education


Department of Commerce, “Tailored Surface Reactivity of Carbon Nanotubes for Polymeric Composite Applications

NSF-REU Program: “Interdisciplinary Studies for Sensor and Biosensor Development”

Program Raices, “Bio-compuestos macro-micro y nano reforzados”, PICT-2006-02153, Collaborative Work ARGENTINA-USA.