Smart contact lenses administering medicinal substances through the eyes

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Published on November 15, 2011 with No Comments

A research team from Auburn University, U.S., invented a new type of contact lens bearing the “drugs” that could replace the classic final medicinal drops administered to the eye.

Because lenses are the first devices that deliver drug doses evenly and consistently throughout their wearing, a method considered 100 times more effective than sporadic dripping into the eyes of any medicinal substances.

By comparison, if the eye drops are cleaned, generally in about half an hour, requiring reapplication by the patient several times during the day, the lenses – which may or may not diopters – constant release of drug concentration for a period ranging between 24 hours and 30 days.

Therefore, the system drops can lead to incorrect dosage sensitivity, low efficiency and considerable discomfort in the eye while the lens administering as long as stable substances are worn. It is a breakthrough in terms of medical treatment.

The mechanism is not just dipping lenses in the medicine, say researchers, but also small delivery devices that release equally pharmaceutical substances product in the eye, at the molecular level by implementing in the lens of a memory structure without altering the other properties of the “prosthesis “.

All these translate into continuous treat eye problems such as inflammation and allergies, and, perhaps most importantly, prevent conjunctivitis caused, not just sometimes, by wearing glasses.

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