Dr. Hulya Kirkici IEEE Director Candidate

Hulya Kirkici, Ph.D.

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Candidate - IEEE Division-II Director Elect

Dr. Kirkici

Dr. Hulya Kirkici

Contact Information:

Electrical and Computer Engineering
200 Broun Hall
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849

Email : kirkih@eng.auburn.edu
Phone: (334) 844-1822 & Fax: (334) 844-1809

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    Biography and Service to the Profession and Activities

    Hulya Kirkici is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Auburn University, where she teaches and conducts research, and she served as the President of IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society (2009 and 2010) and is a recipient of the IEEE William G. Dunbar Award “for continuing contribution to high-voltage and high frequency insulation research and engineering education,” presented at the 2014 IEEE International Power Modulator and High Voltage Conference, in June 2014. read more

    Position Statement

    IEEE volunteers and members are the drivers behind the technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of communities. As this is a leadership position, if elected, my focus will be to foster dialogue among the communities/societies, enhance the collaboration between the societies, elevate the technical strength of our scholarly work, support financial transparency, support the growth of advance technologies, and continue to be part of this great community that makes IEEE what it is today. As the Division II Director, I will work forwards nurturing communities across cultures to further its reach and innovations in technology for the benefit of humanity. I will continue to support IEEE’s mission to the fullest, by listening, engaging, and working together alongside the societies and will continue to strengthen the financial health and technical strength of societies through publications and technical conferences.

    Candidates Q&A – Hulya Kirkici

    What do you believe are the major issues facing the IEEE?

    Rapidly changing technology and its impact on humanity is one of the major issues IEEE is facing. IEEE’s strength is the level of volunteer-expertise and involvement, and diversity of its communities. While IEEE, being the largest professional society in the world, is home to many technically and culturally diverse groups, there are so many others that IEEE has not been able to bring its expertise, support, and knowledge to. Membership engagement, supporting technical communities who consider IEEE their technological home, building communities across the globe, and building financial stability to support projects, are some that IEEE must continue to improve.

    What do you think is the number one goal for the IEEE leadership?

    In my opinion, Number one goal for IEEE volunteer leaders is to serve communities across cultures to further its reach and innovations in technology for the benefit of humanity. Leadership is to support, guide, and influence with a vision for a common goal. For an IEEE leader, understanding our communities’ issues, and offering solutions, guidance and experience is essential. Our technologically diverse membership, volunteers who are the drivers behind the technological innovation and excellence, high-quality publications, and globally recognized conferences are our assets. Number one goal is to foster healthy membership/community growth, educational and training programs, and sustainable financial growth.

    What qualifies you for the job?

    Volunteer spirit and experience – I am an IEEE volunteer, served as author, reviewer, editor, and conference organizer for many years. I also served as a Society President, member of Technical Activities Board (TAB), TAB Finance, TAB Strategic Planning, and IEEE Finance committees. I was the Publication Services and Products Board (PSPB) Treasurer, and member of PSPB OpsCom and PSPB. These activities prepared me to be the best volunteer leader that I can be and I am confident that my involvement in IEEE volunteer activities equipped me with the experiences needed to fulfill my duties as the Division II Director-Elect, and Director afterward.