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The objective of the Information Assurance Laboratory is to study and develop new techniques of assuring secure and accurate data transmission and reception. Towards that end, the IAL plays a key role in supporting the activities of both Auburn's center for Innovations in Mobile, Pervasive, and Agile Computing Technologies and Information Assurance (IMPACT-IA) and the Samuel L. Ginn College of Engineering's wireless curriculum. The IAL is the declared Information Assurance Research Center within the Samuel L. Ginn College of Engineering and is a primary resource for emerging Information Assurance curricula.

Specific areas of concentration include:

Endpoint vulnerabilities, network simulation to study the impact of worms on large-scale wide area networks, secure routing in ad hoc mobile networks, interoperability of networked systems, and software architectural design for interoperability.  For more information on the IAL's research areas:  click here.

Information Assurance Partners:

Tuskegee University: Dr. John Chen
Alabama State University: Dr. Said Ngobi
Albany State University: Dr. Stephen Owor
U.S. Air Force Academy: Dr. Martin C. Carlisle


NSF Scholarship for Service Program at Auburn

DOD Information Assurance Scholarship Program at Auburn

Missile Defense Agency Open Source Database (password protected)

SPAWAR Interoperability IA Research Project

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2005 Digital Combat Exercise

3rd Southeastern Software Engineering Conference Seminar on DoS

4th Southeastern Software Engineering Conference Security Research Seminar

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