89. Suchithra Thangalazhy-Gopakumar, Sushil Adhikari, Shyamsundar Ayalur Chattanathan, Ram B. Gupta, Catalytic pyrolysis of green algae for hydrocarbon production using H+ZSM-5 catalyst, Bioresource Technology 2012 118, 150-157.



Microalgae are considered as an intriguing candidate for biofuel production due to their high biomass yield. Studies on bio-oil production through fast pyrolysis and upgrading to hydrocarbon fuels using algal biomass are limited as compared to other terrestrial biomass. Therefore, in this study, a fresh water green alga, Chlorella vulgaris, was taken for pyrolysis study. The  average activation energy for  pyrolysis zone was found to be  109.1 kJ/mol. Fixed-bed pyrolysis  of  algae gave a  bio-oil yield of  52.7 wt.%,  which accounts for  60.7 wt.%  carbon yield. In addition, analytical pyrolysis of C. vulgaris was carried out in  a Py/GC–MS to identify major compounds present in  bio-oil with and without catalyst (H+ZSM-5). The study found that in  catalytic-pyrolysis, as  the catalyst loading increased from zero to nine times of the biomass, the carbon yield of aromatic hydrocarbons increased from 0.9  to 25.8 wt.%.


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