88. Thangalazhy-Gopakumar, Suchithra; Adhikari, Sushil; Gupta, Ram B., Catalytic Pyrolysis of Biomass over H+ZSM-5 under Hydrogen Pressure, Energy & Fuels 2012 26(8), 5300-5306.



Catalytic pyrolysis of pine wood was carried out using H+ZSM-5 in a hydrogen environment. The first objective of this study was to investigate the eect of hydrogen pressure on catalytic pyrolysis using H+ZSM-5. The study found that there was no increase in the aromatic hydrocarbons as the hydrogen pressure increased. The second objective of this study was to incorporate a hydrogenation eect in addition to catalytic-cracking during pyrolysis so that the amount of hydrocarbons in the bio-oil could be increased. The eect of hydrogen pressure on the Mo-impregnated  catalyst was investigated in pine wood pyrolysis. The Mo/ZSM-5 catalyst was not as active as H+ZSM-5 in lower pressures (100−300 psi); however, at 400 psi, Mo/ZSM-5 gave more hydrocarbons than H+ZSM-5 did. A significant increase in aromatic hydrocarbons was found when the H+ZSM-5 catalysts were impregnated with metals (Ni, Co, Mo, and Pt) as compared to just the zeolite at 400 psi. On average, 42.5 wt.% of biomass carbon was converted into hydrocarbons. Aromatic selectivity of major hydrocarbons was almost the same during hydrocatalytic pyrolysis of pine wood at 400 psi in the presence of all metal-impregnated H+ZSM-5 catalysts.


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