74. Sanganwar, Ganesh P.; Sathigari, Sateeshkumar; Babu, R. Jayachandra; Gupta, Ram B..  Simultaneous production and co-mixing of microparticles of nevirapine with excipients by supercritical antisolvent method for dissolution enhancement. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2010),  39(1-3),  164-174.


Microparticles of a poorly water-sol. model drug, nevirapine (NEV) were prepd. by supercrit. antisolvent (SAS) method and simultaneously deposited on the surface of excipients such as lactose and microcryst. cellulose in a single step to reduce drug-drug particle aggregation.  In the proposed method, termed supercrit. antisolvent-drug excipient mixing (SAS-DEM), drug particles were pptd. in supercrit. CO2 vessel contg. excipient particles in suspended state.  Drug/excipient mixts. were characterized for surface morphol., crystallinity, drug-excipient physico-chem. interactions, and mol. state of drug.  In addn., the drug content uniformity and dissoln. rate were detd.  A highly ordered NEV-excipient mixt. was produced.  The SAS-DEM treatment was effective in overcoming drug-drug particle aggregation and did not affect the crystallinity or physico-chem. properties of NEV.  The produced drug/excipient mixt. has a significantly faster dissoln. rate as compared to SAS drug microparticles alone or when phys. mixed with the excipients.  


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