65. Byrd, Adam J.; Pant, K. K.; Gupta, Ram B..  Hydrogen production from glycerol by reforming in supercritical water over Ru/Al2O3 catalyst.    Fuel  (2008),  87(13-14),  2956-2960.


Supercrit. water is a promising medium for the reforming of hydrocarbons and alcs. for the prodn. of hydrogen at high pressures in a short reaction time.  Water serves both as a dense solvent as well as a reactant.  In this work, hydrogen is produced from glycerol by supercrit. water reforming over a Ru/Al2O3 catalyst with low methane and carbon monoxide formation.  Expts. were conducted in a tubular fixed-bed flow reactor over a temp. range of 700-800 C, feed concns. up to 40 wt% glycerol, all at short reaction time of less than 5 s.  Glycerol was completely gasified to hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane along with small amts. of carbon monoxide.  At dil. feed concns., near-theor. yield of 7 mol of hydrogen/mol of glycerol was obtained, which decreases with an increase in the feed concn.  Based on a kinetic model for glycerol reforming, an activation energy of 55.9 kJ/mol was obsd. 

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