60. Quintero-Ortega, Iraís A.; Vivaldo-Lima, Gupta, Ram B.; Eduardo; Luna-Bárcenas, Gabriel; Penlidis, Alexander, Modeling of the Homogeneous Free-Radical Copolymerization Kinetics of Fluoromonomers in Carbon Dioxide at Supercritical Conditions, Journal of Macromolecular Science w, Part A: Pure and Applied Chemistry (2007) 44, 205–213.


Simulations of the free-radical homopolymn. and copolymn. kinetics of fluoromonomers in carbon dioxide at supercrit. conditions are presented.  The homogeneous homopolymn. of dihydroperfluorooctyl acrylate (FOA) and the surfactant-free pptn. copolymn. of tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) with vinyl acetate (VAc) in supercrit. carbon dioxide were used as case studies.  Reasonable agreement between exptl. data from the literature and model predictions of monomer conversion vs. time, no. and wt. av. mol. wts. vs. conversion, and copolymer compn. vs. conversion, for the above mentioned systems, was obtained.


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