47. Cai, Wensheng; Gupta, Ram B..  Molecularly-imprinted polymers selective for tetracycline binding.    Separation and Purification Technology  (2004),  35(3),  215-22.


Molecularly-imprinted polymers (MIPs) possessing special binding ability to tetracycline are prepd. using methacrylic acid monomer, tetracycline template and ethylene glycol dimethacrylate (EGDMA) crosslinker.  The binding expts. are conducted to evaluate the mechanism of recognition and influences of solvent polarity and degree of crosslinking on tetracycline binding.  The results clearly indicate that synthesized MIPs have higher tetracycline binding ability as compared with corresponding non-imprinted polymers.  The binding ability is the highest at 80 mol% crosslinking, as a rigid polymer structure is needed to maintain mol. imprints.  In addn., the increase in solvent polarity can enhance the MIP/tetracycline binding due to the decrease in solute/solvent attraction.  The high MIP affinity can be utilized in sensing, biosepn. and control release applications.


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