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Proceedings of the class: http://www.eng.auburn.edu/~deanron/2016PVProceedings.pdf


Class Presentation Schedule

Date                                                                                        Presenters                 

Friday 4/1                                                                    R. Chen and A. Foote

Monday 4/4                                                                 D. Gardner and H. Harrell

Wednesday 4/6                                                           C. Harrison and T. Huang

Friday 4/8                                                                    Y. Kaveti and W. King

Monday 4/11                                                               C. Liu and Y. Liu

Wednesday 4/13                                                         B. Lu and G. Motunde

Friday 4/15                                                                  C. Prather and E. Su

Monday 4/18                                                               S. Uprety and A. Mohammadi

Wednesday 4/20                                                         K. Vincent and W. Wang

Friday 4/22                                                                  F. Werner and C. Yang

Monday 4/25                                                               X. Yang and K. Yu

Wednesday 4/27                                                         D. Zhang and Z. Zhou

Friday 4/29                                                                  as needed or PV house tour



Class Presentation Topics



Cheng, Ran

Photovoltaic Technologies

Foote, Andrew P

Grid integration and problems

Gardner, Steven Daniel

Near earth orbit (NEO) satellite photovoltaic array condition

Harrell, Haley Kay

space applications topic

Harrison, Remington C

Rechargeable batteries and systems for PV applications

Huang, Tiancheng

Power electronics for PV for AC grid

Kaveti, Yatish

Power Electronics and control of tracking system  in PV systems

King, William Ryan

Grid integration laws and policies

Liu, Ce

Technologies for integrating PV to the power grid

Liu, Yumeng

Economics of photovoltaic systems

Lu, Bonian

Photovoltaics for hybrid systems

Motunde, Gabriel Samuel

Integrating PV to the power grid outside the USA

Prather, Johnathon Craig

Economics of a personal PV system

Su, Eryu

Photovoltaics in China

Uprety, Sunil

Photovoltaic systems and/or applications

Vahid Mohammadi, Armin

Multi-junction Solar Cells and Solar rechargeable wearable electronics

Vincent, Karen Elisabeth

PV in interplanetary space applications

Wang, Weichao

Cost trends in PV technology outside of China

Werner, Frank Thompson

Optics for photovoltaics

Yang, Chungman

Photovoltaic technologies (GaAs or maybe GaN)

Yang, Xingyu

power electronics for photovoltaic devices or system

Yu, Kuai

The Cost Trends in Chinese PV Technology

Zhang, Di

Reliability and degradation analysis of photovoltaics

Zhou, Ziqi

Photovoltaic application




Homework Assignments

Homework #1 Assignment, due Friday, 2/5/16: http://www.eng.auburn.edu/~deanron/PV2016_HW1.pdf

Homework #2 Assignment, due Friday 2/26/16: http://www.eng.auburn.edu/~deanron/PV2016_HW2.pdf

Homework #3 Assignment, due Friday 3/25/16: http://www.eng.auburn.edu/~deanron/PV2016_HW3.pdf

Homework #4 Assignment, due Tuesday 3/29/16: http://www.eng.auburn.edu/~deanron/PV2016_HW4.pdf



Example Presentation

Example Conference Style Presentation: http://www.eng.auburn.edu/~deanron/example_presentation.pdf