Dr. Daniela Marghitu is a faculty member in the Computer Science and Software Engineering Department at Auburn University, where she has worked since 1996. She has published seven Information Technology textbooks, over 100 peer reviewed journal articles and conference papers, and she gave numerous presentations at national and international professional events in USA, Canada, England, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany and Romania. She is the founder director of the Auburn University Educational and Assistive Technology Laboratory (LEAT), Co-PI of NSF EEC "RFE Design and Development: Framing Engineering as Community Activism for Values-Driven Engineeringan", Co-PI of NSF CISE "EAGER: An Accessible Coding Curriculum for Engaging Underserved Students with Special Needs in Afterschool Programs", institutional partner of AccessComputing (http://www.washington.edu/accesscomputing/), AccessCS10k and AccessEngineering NSF funded Alliances, CO-PI of NSF INCLUDES: South East Alliance for Persons with Disabilities in STEM (https://cws.auburn.edu/apspi/pm/includes), CO-PI and Technology Coordinator of the NSF Alabama Alliance for Students with Disabilities in STEM (https://cws.auburn.edu/apspi/pm/stem), the PI of NSF Computer Science for All (http://cs4all.eng.auburn.edu), Computer Science for All Girls (http://cs4allg.eng.auburn.edu), Computer Science for All Bulldogs (http://csallb.eng.auburn.edu), Computer Science for All Romanians (http://cs4allro.eng.auburn.edu), Mentoring Alabama Girls in Computing (magic.eng.auburn.edu) research and inclusive K12 outreach projects. She is the recipient of the 2011 AccessComputing Capacity Building Award, the 2012 Auburn University Access award, the 2012 SDPS Outstanding Achievement Award, the 2013 Microsoft Fuse Research award, the 2015 DO-IT Trailblazer award, the 2017 IARIA Fellowsip, the 2017 SDPS Fellowship, and the 2019 Samuel Ginn College of Engineering 100+ Women Strong Leadership in Diversity Faculty Award.