Dr. Malcolm A. Cutchins

Professor Emeritus, 211 Aerospace Engineering Building, Auburn University, Alabama 36849-5338

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Dr. C's research and teaching interests are quite varied but primarily center around matters involving:

NASA, the USAF, and NSF are a few of the agencies for which he has performed research. Accounts of that research have been published in AIAA Proceedings and journals, the Journal of Sound & Vibration in England, SIMULATION, and in several other conference proceedings. He has reviewed for the Applied Mechanics Reviews (ASME) for over 25 years, usually reviewing 1-2 books a year with the reviews published in AMR.

Most recent research involved vibration & modal testing-related analysis for NASA/MSFC. Cutchins served as one of a seven-faculty team working on a NSF-sponsored alternative Pre-Engineering curriculum which integrates math, engineering, and physics in a unique manner.

His computer expertise includes the use of ACSL (The Advanced Continuous Simulation Language), MATLAB, and all types of PC and workstation packages. He has helped develop some 3-D applications involving C and Visual Basic, and done a little with ProLog for a tutoring program for dynamics. He served many years as a member of the Technical Editor Board of the Computers in Education Journal.

Mac was very active in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) for all of his active career. He served as chair of the AIAA national Structural Dynamics Technical Committee, reviewed and published a significant number of AIAA papers and chaired one of the major AIAA technical conferences in 1989.

Dr. C served as Faculty Advisor to the AU Aerospace Engineering Honorary, Sigma Gamma Tau from the mid-seventies until mid-1999. He served as the organization's National President during 1982-85 and developed the SGT logo shown to the right that won national competition.

He also served as Faculty Secretary for the AU Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa, the National Leadership Honorary, from spring 1984 until winter quarter 2000, during which time he was in charge of the initiation of exactly 1000 intiates in the president's Conference Room in Samford Hall. He was elected to the General Council, ODK's governing board in February 1996 and the Board of Directors for the 2000-2002 term, and served four terms as the Faculty Province Director of ODK's Province XI (Alabama, Mississippi and West Florida). See the AU ODK web site which Mac maintains at http://www.auburn.edu/academic/societies/odk

His logo submitted for the 2004 ODK National Convention was chosen as the conference logo..

Malcolm completed four years on both the AU Athletic Committee and the Graduate Council of AU. He was a member of the Honors Executive Council since the inception of the Honors Program (now the Honors College) and a member of the Honors Faculty - teaching a Jr/Sr. level honors course usually every Winter Quarter. A great believer in a good "mix" of academics and athletics, Dr. C still regularly plays faculty/graduate-student lunch-time basketball (now over 20,000 full-court games), & is a Charter Member of The AU Club. He retired July 1, 1999, but maintains an office where he's rarely found.

He has written a weekly editorial (on his at-home computer) for 17 years and 4 months (1992-2009) in The Opelika-Auburn News, sometimes humorous, often about AU events (music, sports, etc.), usually conservative and different from mainstream journalists, always with an attempt for the opinions expressed to be based upon sound principles. Just a few of his over 860 Op/Eds can be accessed with the links below.

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Links above are for pre-2009 columns. Those below are for 2009 and later.

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