CHEN 3AA0 - Chemical Engineering Progress Assessment II - Fall 2017

CHEN 3650 - Chemical Engineering Analysis - Fall 2017

Previous courses taught by Dr. Ashurst

    ENGR 1110 - Introduction to Engineering, SP05, FA04
    CHEN 3AA0 - Chemical Engineering Progress Assessment II, SU17, SP17, FA16, SU16, SP16, FA15, SU15, SP15, FA14, SU14, SP14, FA13, SU13, SP13, FA12, SU12, SP12, FA11, SU11, SP11, FA10, SU10, SP10, FA09
    CHEN 3600 - Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, SU17, SU15, SP13, FA11, SU11, SP10
    CHEN 3650 - Chemical Engineering Analysis, SP14, SP12, SP11, SU10, SU09, SP09, SP08, SP07, SU06, SP06
    CHEN 4860 - Chemical Engineering Lab II, FA16, SP16, FA15, SP15, FA14, SP14
    CHEN 4970 - Advanced Special Topics in Transport Phenomena, SP17, SP14, SP13
    CHEN 7100 - Graduate Transport Phenomena I, FA13, FA12, FA10, FA09, FA08, FA06, FA05
    CHEN 7950 - Graduate Seminar Series, SP07, FA06

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