Patents of Vishwani D. Agrawal

  1. U.S. Patent 4,493,077, awarded January 8, 1985
    Scan Testable Integrated Circuit (with M. R. Mercer)
  2. U.S. Patent 5,043,986, awarded August 27, 1991
    Method and Integrated Circuit Adapted for Partial Scan Testability (with K.-T. Cheng)
  3. U.S. Patent 5,228,040, awarded July 13, 1993
    Testable Implementations of Finite State Machines and Methods for Producing Them (with K.-T. Cheng)
  4. U.S. Patent 5,257,268, awarded October 26, 1993
    Cost-function Directed Search Method for Generating Tests for Sequential Logic Circuits (with P. Agrawal and K.-T. Cheng)
  5. U.S. Patent 5,365,528, awarded November 15, 1994
    Method for Testing Delay Faults in Non-Scan Sequential Circuits (with T. J. Chakraborty)
  6. U.S. Patent 5,377,201, awarded December 27, 1994
    A Transitive Closure Based Process for Generating Test Vectors for VLSI Circuits (with S. T. Chakradhar)
  7. U.S. Patent 5,461,573, awarded October 24, 1995
    VLSI Circuits Designed for Testability and Methods for Producing Them (with S. T. Chakradhar and S. Kanjilal)
  8. U.S. Patent 5,499,249, awarded March 12, 1996
    Method and Apparatus for Test Generation and Fault Simulation for Sequential Circuits with Embedded Random Access Memories (RAMs) (with T. J. Chakraborty)
  9. U.S. Patent 5,590,135, awarded December 31, 1996
    Testing a Sequential Circuit (with M. Abramovici, K.-T. Cheng and K. B. Rajan)
  10. U.S. Patent 5,606,567, awarded February 25, 1997
    Delay Testing of High-Performance Digital Components by a Slow-Speed Tester (with T. J. Chakraborty)
  11. U.S. Patent 5,657,240, awarded August 12, 1997
    Testing and Removal of Redundancies in VLSI Circuits with Non-Boolean Primitives (with S. T. Chakradhar and S. G. Rothweiler)
  12. U.S. Patent 5,983,007, awarded November 9, 1999
    Low Power Circuits Through Hazard Pulse Suppression
  13. U.S. Patent 6,131,181, awarded October 10, 2000
    Method and System for Identifying Tested Path Delay Faults (with M. L. Bushnell and M. A. Gharaybeh)
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