16th International Conference on VLSI Design
and 2nd International Conference on Embedded Systems
New Delhi, January 4-8, 2003

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A Tutorial Session (Jan. 4)
"Design of Deep Sub-Micron CMOS Circuits"

Rajiv Modi (Sasken) inaugurates (Jan. 6)

A walk through the exhibits area

A technical session

M. N. S. Swamy, IEEE/CAS President, gives away awards
Sumit Gupta receives the Best Paper Award
"SPARK: A High-Level Synthesis Framework for Applying Parallelizing Compiler Transformations," by Sumit Gupta, Nikil Dutt, Rajesh Gupta, and Alex Nicolau

Anand Raghunathan receives the Best Paper Award
"Efficient RTL Power Estimation for Large Designs," by Srivaths Ravi, Anand Raghunathan, and Srimat Chakradhar
Niraj Jha receives the Best Student Paper Award
"High-Level Synthesis of Multiprocess Behavioral Descriptions," by Weidong Wang, Anand Raghunathan, Niraj K. Jha, and Sujit Dey

Richard B. Brown and Jayakumaran Sivagnaname
Design Contest Winners for "Dual Issue PowerPC FXU Processor"
Amit Kumar and Munish Bansal
Design Contest Winners for "A Novel Scheme for OVSF Code Generation in Hardware"
Keynote Talks
Gene Frantz, Texas Instruments (Jan. 6)
"Personal and Portable: The Evolving Definition"

Ted Vucurevich, Cadence (Jan. 7)
"Living at the Edge"

Rajeev Madhavan, Magma (Jan. 7)
"India Building the Tall, Thin VLSI Engineer"

A. Vasudevan, Wipro (Jan. 8)
"Advances in VLSI Design and Product Development Challenges"

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