ELEC7250-001 VLSI Testing (Spring 2005)
Tuesday/Thursday, 11:00AM-12:15PM, Broun 235
Term Papers
Assigned 4-5-05, due 4-19-05

General Instructions:

1. Each student should select a separate topic.

2. Search the literature to find key papers, books, etc.

3. Write the term paper as a tutorial to explain the topic to your colleagues.

4. A four to six page term paper should contain:
(a) Abstract - Problem solved, main ideas, sample results.
(b) Introduction - Problem statement, motivation, background, organization of the paper.
(c) Historical note - Trace the developments from the start to present.
(d) Analysis and algorithms (must construct a small example to demonstrate the main ideas).
(e) State of the art - Provide representative results from the literature.
(f) Conclusion - Accomplishments and what is expected in the future.
(g) References - Cite at least 12 referneces (more if you can).

5. Submit electronic version (word or pdf), which will be made available to the class.

Term Paper Topics:

Paper 1: Stuck-at faults. (Cheng)

Paper 2: Comparison of LFSR and CA for BIST. (Dhingra)

Paper 3: Single-input-change (SIC) vectors for delay testing. (Han)

Paper 4: Walking, marching and galloping patterns for memory test. (Kantipudi)

Paper 5: Recursive learning. (Maddela)

Paper 6: Proofs fault simulation algorithm. (Prasad)

Paper 7: Controllability and Observability. (Raghuraman)

Paper 8: Random access scan. (Ramamurthy)

Paper 9: Statistical fault simulation. (Ray)

Paper 10: Neural network method of ATPG. (Sinha)

Paper 11: Delay testing of scan circuits. (Vemula)