Our research group is focused on improving the ability of engineers to predict the response of geotechnical infrastructure to natural hazards. Our goal is to use analytical and numerical methods along with empirical observations to produce tools that have a sound basis in mechanics, but remain useable for practicing engineers.

    Current research projects:

    • Effects of spatial variability on earthquake-induced liquefaction
    • Evaluation of landslides along highways
    • Non-destructive test methods to evaluate deep foundations
    • Mapping and monitoring of sinkhole development

    Current group members:

    • Jonathan Hogan - M.S.
    • Michael Kiernan - Ph.D.
    • Michelle Knights - M.S.
    • Chao Shi - M.S.

    We are always looking for talented graduate students who are interested in geotechnical engineering to join our group. Please see the graduate admission page for more information. All applications will be considered for funding, but offers can only be made after all applications have been reviewed.