Samuel Ginn College of Engineering

Auburn Engineering Young Alumni Council

The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering is committed to engaging its young Auburn engineers with the activities of the college. To demonstrate the value of its young alumni, the college has formed a young alumni board to serve as a focus group to help keep our young alumni involved in Auburn Engineering. As the chair of this board, I would like to invite all engineering young alumni to stay engaged . . . whether you participate in Auburn Engineering’s great on-line education program to further your education, serve as mentors or develop projects for our senior design classes, attend alumni events and help promote the college in your social networks and companies, or choose to give back financially to Auburn. We hope you value your Auburn education and that you will choose to stay engaged in Auburn Engineering.          

-- Laura Kezar, chair

Name Major Job Title  Company
jourdan beaumont Jordan Beaumont 2014 ME

Plant Support Engineer


Bo Bledsoe 2010 ECE


Maynard, Cooper & Gale, P.C.

Ian Bowling Ian Bowling  2008 ChE

Production Engineer


Rodmesia Clark Rodmesia Clarke 2008 ChE Commercial Associate Enbridge, Inc.
Emily Doucette Emily Doucette 2006 AE Air Force Research Laboratory
Justin Drummond 2007 CE Project Manager Stone Building Co.
Angela Priest Angela Fannéy 2004 CE
2005 Master's, CE
Associate Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc.
Margaret Godwin Margaret Godwin 2002 PFE Program Manager GKN Aerospace
Julia Green 2005 CE
2007 Master's, CE
Environmental Strategy and Reporting Manager Southern Company Services

Jennifer Hall

Jennifer Hall 2005 ChE General Manager, Environmental Affairs Georgia Power Company
ryan hill Ryan Hill

2008 ME
2011 Master's ME

Research Mechanical Engineer Integrated Solutions for Systems
Drew Kelley Drew Kelley 2003 CE Operational Manager Brasfield & Gorrie
Laura Clenney Laura Kezar 2008 ChE Facilities Engineer Chevron
Placeholder Headshot Siobhan MacDonald 2010 ISE

Reliability Engineer

DCP Midstream

Will McCartney Will McCartney 2013 BIO

Lendlease LMB

T.J. Pruitt 2005 ECE

Engineering Supervisor

Alabama Power Company

Mshon Pulliam Mshon Pulliam 2012 ISE Commercial Area Sales Executive

Georgia Power Company

andrew richter Matthew Richter 2014 ME Responsible Engineer

Bechtel OG&C

andrew riley Andrew Riley 2010 ME Maintenance Team Leader Alabama Power
Jordan Ross 2009 CE
2012 Master's, CE

Preconstruction Manager

Hoar Construction

Parker Sizemore 2006 ChE

Technical Sales Engineer

Eastman Chemical

Nichole Sommerville Nicole Sommerville 2005 CE
2008 Master's CE
Project Manager LBYD Inc
emily traylor Emily Traylor 2010 WRE Automation Engineering Lead


emily williams Emilee Woods 2013 CE Project Manager Parsons Transportation Group