Tom Amos, '11 CE

Tom Amos, '11 CE

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Tom Amos likes to think — and build big. A 2011 civil engineering graduate, Amos is currently working on a 24-story high-end apartment building in Atlanta. Amos has put his degree to good use, but as you'll read, had no idea just how much the eating habits of a Gharial crocodile would directly correlate with his career.

Job Title - Project manager

Industry - General construction

What are some cool facts about your industry or your current project?

I am currently working on a 24-story high-end apartment building in midtown, Atlanta.  The jobsite is tight and there is no real laydown space for storing materials.  There is approximately 15 feet between the building and the adjacent properties on three sides.  The biggest challenge to the project has been the logistics planning for deliveries and staging material.  The tower crane is actually inside the building footprint and will need to be taken down before we can finish out the main lobby.

Prior to working on the apartment building, I was involved with building the new reptile complex at Zoo Atlanta which was a really cool project.  The main area to the building is a 70 foot steel structure wrapped with glass curtain wall that allows for a lot of natural lighting.  There is a large waterfall feature, tons of faux rockwork to mimic all different parts of the world and more than 65 different reptile exhibits.  It was great working with the zoo staff to better understand their needs for caring for the animals.  When I studied civil engineering at Auburn, I did not imagine that the eating habits of a Gharial crocodile would ever become part of my career. 

Why is what you’re doing important to people throughout the country?

There are approximately 300 people every day that come into work on the apartment building right now.  It is important the team I work on keep the project running smoothly, so everyone can be productive at their job, and most importantly, go home safe every evening.  I really try to look out for the people I work with because ultimately that is much more important than what we are building.  It is easy to lose sight of that at times.  I thoroughly enjoy my job and hope I have a positive influence on those I work with.

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