Siobhan MacDonald, '10 ISE

Siobhan MacDonald, '10 ISE


Siobhan MacDonald, earned her undergraduate in 2010 in industrial and systems engineering, and then went on to earn her master's degree in reliability and maintainability engineering from the University of Tennessee in 2011. Her job took her from the Southeast to out west in Denver. She and her husband, Kyle, have been enjoying the city, especially since their hometown team, the Broncos, became the newest Super Bowl champions! Learn more about Siobhan's job and why she's promoting the use of natural gas.

Job Title- Reliability Supervisor at DCP Midstream

Industry- Energy/Natural Gas Processing

What are some cool facts about your industry or your current project?
My team supports the overall reliability and maintenance program of our natural gas processing plants and field compression.  We focus on the entire maintenance process and the tools to support it; identifying necessary work, documenting it in a CMMS, planning and scheduling the job, execution of the task, troubleshooting problems, identifying critical spare parts and leading investigations if there is a failure so we can prevent it from happening again.  Recently, we’ve been expanding our use of predictive technologies (infrared scans, vibration analysis and lubrication analysis for example) to identify and complete required maintenance based on equipment condition instead of performing maintenance on set intervals (similar to changing a car’s oil based on its condition rather than every 3,000 miles). 

Why is what you’re doing important to people throughout the country?
I firmly believe reliability and safety go hand in hand, and when we understand and improve the reliability of our assets, safety (including process safety) improves. By working in this part of the business, I am able to support and promote the use of natural gas, one of the safest and cleanest fossil fuels available, which can help the U.S. become energy independent.

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