Katie Spinks, '08 ISE

Katie Spinks, '08 ISE


Katie Spinks is a 2008 industrial and systems engineering graduate who has put her degree to a different use as an internal auditor for ExxonMobil, where she carefully monitors and regulates international business groups. While her work has taken her many places, nothing can beat her home base in Houston, especially with the Houston Rodeo kicking up this week. So grab your cowboy or cowgirl hat and learn a little more about this fun Texan.  

Job Title- Internal auditor at ExxonMobil

Industry- Oil and gas

What are some cool facts about your industry or your current project?

I've been an audit for about one-and-a-half years, and in that short amount of time I've been exposed to a huge variety of internal business units.  I’ve learned so much about how all the pieces of a huge company fit together. I’ve audited several groups who do the following:

  • Research into algae biofuels
  • Multi billion dollar construction projects
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Maintenance and operations of a process plant

Right now, I'm leading a team of nine auditors reviewing the work of a business group primarily located in New Brunswick, Canada and Curitiba, Brazil.  This business does contracts and pricing for lubricants across all the countries in North and South America.

Why is what you’re doing important to people throughout the country?

Publicly traded corporations are owned by everyone who owns stock (or owns a mutual fund that owns stock) in the company.  Every day, I’m protecting the interests of our many thousands of shareholders by verifying that each business unit I audit has adequate business controls in place, and is complying with internal policies and government regulations.  This work ensures that the shareholder's investment is being utilized properly and that we have controls in place to protect that investment.

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