Josh Thompson, '08 ChE

Josh Thompson, '08 ChE

josh tompson

Josh Thompson graduated from Auburn in 2008 with a chemical engineering degree and went on to earn a Ph.D. in 2013 in chemical engineering from Georgia Tech. Learn more about Josh's role at Chevron and how technological developments could transform the energy/research and development industry.

Job Title: Research Engineer at Chevron

Industry: Energy/Research and Development

What are some cool facts about your industry or your current project?

My team works on strategic research and technology development related to new separations technologies for the energy industry. These technologies span the entire value chain of our business, from upstream operations to downstream manufacturing. For me, I get to work in a laboratory that contains mostly custom-built equipment that allows me to test and develop difficult fluid and impurity separations that we might encounter. Because it is research, this means I am working in areas where there may not be any commercial technology. As an engineer, I often have to use all of my background and experience to find out what the right technology is for each project and test that out in the lab.

Why is what you’re doing important to people throughout the country?

Traditional separations in our industry use thermally- or chemically-intensive methods for separating bulk fluids or removing impurities. We are focused on developing new technologies that help drive down these thermal and chemical requirements to make them more efficient to obtain the same quality product while also trying to improve reliability for that separation. More efficiency in these areas means less waste and less emissions for our industry and better reliability means a safer environment to work, so it’s important to continue pushing newer technologies for an industry that relies so heavily on separations.

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