Alan Tolbert, '12WRE

Alan Tolbert, '12WRE

Alan (right) stands next to his supervisor at the AT&T building.

Alan Tolbert likes to communicate — telecommunicate that is. A 2012 wireless engineering graduate, Alan is part of the team working on the antenna system that will be used to boost AT&T's coverage at the Republican National Convention happening in July. With such a major event, Alan and his co-workers began working on this a year ago beginning with the design of AT&T's DAS system. We'll be tuning in come July to see how much Alan's hard work pays off!

Job Title: Senior Specialist Network Planning Engineer at AT&T

Industry: Telecommunications

What are some cool facts about your industry or your current project?

The current project that I am working on is the distributed antenna system which is used to help boost AT&T’s coverage, in a designated area, for the upcoming Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July. The RNC will bring a large audience as well as massive media coverage to Cleveland so it is extremely important that the network is flawless and will support this grand event. The establishment of the distributed antenna system will serve the main convention and support venues such as the new $465 million convention center and the four-star Renaissance hotel.

 Over a years’ worth of planning takes place before the Republican National Convention starts, and that’s what makes this the coolest project I’ve worked on so far in my engineering career.  Being part of a team who works closely together to plan and make an initiative of this nature happen – all the while never seeing each other in person and working in all parts of the country makes me proud to be involved with making the AT&T network perform at its best!

Why is what you’re doing important to people throughout the country?

In today’s time, almost everyone has a cell phone and with technology advancing each year, people rush to have the latest and greatest in their hands. AT&T must not only keep up with these changes and demands, but also set and create standards for how the world communicates with each other. If you think about where we have come in the past 20-plus years, we have evolved from making phone calls only, to use of cell phones, text messages, iPhones, video calling, etc., with speeds evolving from 2G - 4G LTE, and next with 5G rolling by AT&T in the near future. This is an ever-changing, exciting field to be in and I cannot wait to be part of what the future holds for employees and consumers! War Eagle!

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