Mack and Amy Moncus

Mack and Amy Moncus

mack and amy kids
Mack and Amy Moncus with their children, Bennett, 3 years old, and Kathleen, 5 years old.

Where are you both originally from and how did each of you end up at Auburn and in the College of Engineering?

Amy: Mack is from Adairsville, Georgia, and I  am from Lexington, Alabama.  Mack transferred to Auburn from Reinhardt College. His dad graduated from Auburn in education and taught vocational agriculture until he retired five years ago.  He developed Mack’s interests and skills in vocational agriculture.  Mack credits his high school calculus teacher for developing “out of the box” thinking and study habits revolving around math and science.  The combination of those two helped his decision to become a biosystems engineer.

I transferred to Auburn from the University of North Alabama to pursue an engineering degree.  I have always loved the outdoors and I was very intrigued by the options that biosystems engineering offered. Both of us enjoy being outdoors and agriculture so we were both working toward biosystems engineering degrees. 

What year did you both graduate and what were your majors? 
Amy: I graduated in spring 2006 in biosystems engineering and Mack graduated in fall 2006 in biosystems as well. 

How did you meet? 
Amy: We met through meetings of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineer (ASABE) student chapter.

Mack: We first met at an ASABE function. I noticed her sit down at a table and nobody was sitting across from her. Needless to say that was a great opportunity for me to introduce myself.  I sat in front of her and introduced myself and she wouldn’t give me the time of day. 

Describe your first date.:
Mack: Our unofficial first date (mine personally) was the annual inner tube float trip down the Euphapee Creek.  I remember her inner tube busted and I had an extra tube in my first aid kit. Our certified first date was to the restaurant, “The Cove,” on Lake Martin.  This was the day after Hurricane Katrina hit the coast.  I remember on the way to the restaurant I needed gas.  We pulled into the gas station at Walnut Hill and had to wait in line for about 20 minutes to get gas.  The gas was more than $4 a gallon (supposedly a shortage.)  She ate crab claws (her favorite to this day) and I don’t even remember what I had to eat (it didn’t matter.)

mack and amy wedding
Mack and Amy on their wedding day in 2008.

How did Auburn Engineering bring you both together? 

Amy: Through biosystems engineering and our love of the land, we were able to meet.  Mack was a leader in the ASABE student section and I was active in it as well.  We took several trips and attended meetings together before we ever started dating.  We spent enough time together during ASABE to realize we had a lot in common. We also studied together some.

When did you get married and where do you both live now? Have kids? 
Amy: We got married May 31, 2008, and we live in Lexington, Alabama now.  We have two children: Kathleen, 5 and Bennett, 3.

Where do you both work?
Amy: Mack works for TTL, Inc. in Decatur, Alabama, and I work for the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service in Moulton, Alabama.

Best memory you both have as an Auburn Engineering couple?

Mack: When we were studying in Corley Hall.  I calculated how many Oreos it would take to fill up the study room and then tried to argue with the Foy hotline on how many Oreos it would take to fill up the stadium.

Amy: My best memory was attending the ASABE student rally together in Kentucky and winning the Student Chapter of the Year award.  We came back to Auburn as a group and rolled Toomer’s Corner in honor of our victory! 


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