Larry and Cindy Monroe

Larry and Cindy Monroe

Larry and Cindy Monroe rediscover love after years apart

larry and cindy monroe
Larry and Cindy Monroe

Where are you both originally from and how did each of you end up at Auburn and in the College of Engineering?

Larry: Cindy grew up in Montgomery and I grew up in Arab, Alabama. I went to Auburn because my two older brothers were there, and I visited them quite a bit so I liked the campus and was comfortable coming. Cindy is from a divided household between Alabama and Auburn, but started at Auburn University at Montgomery and then transferred to the main campus.

What year did you both graduate and your majors?

Larry: We both graduated in 1979 with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. 

How did you meet?

Larry: We met in classes at Auburn in chemical engineering as juniors, in 1977.

Describe your first date:

Larry: We did not date while we were students. Cindy had a crush on me, but I was too oblivious to notice; I am an engineer! We even worked on a senior project together, and nothing ever happened between us. Again, I was too stupid to make the first move. We both went to work for DuPont after graduating at different plants, and we did not know that we were with the same company after graduation.

How did Auburn Engineering bring you both together?

As described above, we met at Auburn in engineering classes. We re-connected through the Chemical Engineering Alumni Council. I was the president and she joined the council.  Cindy had married and I did not recognize her name, until she stated in her introduction that we graduated together. Her husband had unfortunately passed away from a rare cancer, and we found that we were both then living in the Atlanta area.

When did you get married and where do you both live now? Do you have any children?

We were married on Jan. 17, 2013. We live in Braselton, Georgia, and Hoover, Alabama. Neither of us have any children.

Where do you both work?

Larry: I am the chief environmental officer and head of research and development for Southern Company, the parent of Alabama Power. I work in both Birmingham at the Alabama Power building, and in Atlanta at Georgia Power, Southern Company's headquarters. Cindy retired from DuPont as the chief marketing officer, and now is very active in the City of Braselton as a member of the Downtown Development Authority, the Economic Development Council and the Hospital Foundation Board.

Best memory you both have as an Auburn Engineering couple?

Larry: For us, it was the moment of recognition of each other at the Chemical Engineering Council dinner, after 30 years had passed. I immediately rushed over to speak with her after the meeting had adjourned.  She did not think I remembered her, but I had wondered over the years what happened to her. The rest is history.

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